Documentary Video

Documentary video that delivers the message

There may not be a more powerful medium than the documentary video. Many years in the newspaper industry gave me a love for visual storytelling and documentary video. Non-profits, businesses, products and events all have a story to tell – together we can help you bring your vision to life.

The town of Minden, WV, has suffered the loss of many of its residents to cancer. The town has been in a battle with the EPA since the 1980’s when dangerous levels of PCB’s were discovered in the water and soil. They remain there to this day.

Joel Rosenthal is friends with bears. He rehabilitates them and they let him play with their cubs. His house pet is a fox and he lives on a secluded farm in West Virginia.

The Lewisburg Colored Junior High and Graded School was renamed Bolling Junior High and Elementary School in 1933. Former student Edna Brown recalls growing up and going to school during the time of segregation.

Ba Rea is a monarch butterfly expert who is adjusting to a slower life with MS.  The beauty of the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly applies to our ever-changing lives. “If you don’t know the science, you might miss part of the message.”


Nineteen young men from the small town of Bedford, VA, lost their lives on D-day. Lucille Hoback-Boggess tells the story of getting the news that two of her brothers were among the dead.

Hazel Conn, has been working as a driver for the Wyoming County Council on Aging for 12 years delivering meals to the elderly. She drives around 100 miles a day five days a week. The Meals on Wheels program served 28,902 meals in 2019 and Hazel delivered over half of those.

Getting out of prison isn’t easy for Sean, who was in for three years on drug trafficking charges. This is the story of how he ended up there and what’s next.

As the Mountain Valley Pipeline plows through her property, Becky Crabtree watches. “We just didn’t buy this property to share it with a corporation.”

As COVID came, the world shut down. This a look around West Virginia in the spring of 2020 as stores, theaters, schools and towns shut down.

A group of Vietnam veterans get together to share stories and bond over a traumatic shared experience.


The town of Welch, WV, used to be a bustling coal town. Ed Shepard, 93, recalls the days when his shop was busy all day and he had three employees. These days he sits and waits.